“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

 –  Walt Disney

Who we are

ATVI Infotainment is a content creation & production company that develops content for TV, Cinema and Digital, nationally and internationally, providing the end user with the best in class content.

Our Clients

  1. Audio Visual Content Building for Elevar Equity
  2. Testimonial AVs for Brand New Day
  3. Promotional Video for Shishu Sarothi
  4. TVC for Priyanka Steel
  5. Coverage for British Council event for Tattva Creations

Our Verticals

Atvi 16:9

Atvi 16:9 is the production wing of the company. Atvi 16:9 creates and curates content in various genres as the situation calls for. We have already produced documentaries, TV commercials, event coverage videos, TV commercials, and have core capabilities to produce docu-dramas, short films, corporate films, feature films, travel shows, web series etc.


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East Mojo is a mobile-first platform that aims to revolutionize the way news and content are viewed and consumed, without compromising on quality and authenticity.  We intend not only to excite millennials but users across the spectrum. In order to do that, we decided to tweak the story a bit, apart from the traditional modes of reporting, we decided to adopt new media technologies that will present the news-hungry and tech-savvy consumer content (reports, essays, analytical pieces, commentaries, etc.) that are both viewable and accessible, thanks to fun formats such as info-graphics, interactive applications and audio-visual media. As a mouthpiece of the northeast region, we intend to give the ‘nation’ what it hasn’t been represented with till today — ‘the eastern opinion’.